Bitflip builds connections — across hardware components, devices, protocols and API’s, modems and carriers, networks and cloud platforms, people, companies, industries, and ideas.


Who We Are

Nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Longmont, Colorado and established in 2020, Bitflip is a boutique team of talented engineers who have joined together with a common vision – helping our customers and partners design, build, and connect end-to-end technology solutions from device to cloud. Bitflip isn’t “just” an IoT engineering firm or “just” a cloud integrator. Our team is equipped with the experience and technical prowess to design, build and integrate devices and back-end communications infrastructure solutions for virtually any need – from inception to device engineering to network/cloud integration.

We believe in building the right solution design correctly from the beginning – with resulting platforms that are secure, highly scalable, georedundant, modular and flexible, and optimized for power and data consumption – while integrating new ideas into competitive features that carve new markets and accelerate customer profits and expansion. Our engineers bring decades of experience building technology solutions for many household name businesses, including modem manufacturers, IT integrators and managed services providers, Fortune 100 companies, and other small-to-medium sized businesses – with deep expertise across all our service areas.


Bitflip is employee-owned, granting us the ultimate flexibility in how we engage on new initiatives – allowing us to focus on those projects where we can be the most impactful through our unique expertise, experience, and industry connections. For the right opportunities, we invest with our customers and partners throughout the otherwise costly upfront R&D and development/engineering phases by customizing creative pricing models that integrate Bitflip engineering expenses with your sales projections and per-unit costs, creating a joint investment in the success of your product.

Ready to talk more about how Bitflip can make your next technology initiative a success? Please reach out to us by phone or contact form for an introduction to schedule a first discussion. We look forward to speaking with you and hearing more about your next technology project.

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Microsoft Azure
TD Synnex
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Palo Alto
Code Authority
Microsoft Azure
Ericsson DCP


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