Connecting vehicles to a central management hub and to each other.

Connected Vehicle Solutions

The concept of vehicle telematics has been evolving since the term was coined the 1970’s, allowing management, tracking and diagnostics of vehicles from on-board devices, eventually connecting to satellite and wireless networks for bi-directional transfer. By connecting vehicles to a central management hub, and to each other, detailed information can be captured for fleet management operations, emergency assistance, or resolving software issues.

The influence of automotive telematics can be seen commonly in fleet and lease operations, where vehicle tracking and GPS-based lockout systems can provide peace-of-mind for protecting drivers and cargo, while these same capabilities allow dealers to offer more options for lease and sales. 

Bitflip works with vehicle OEM companies and technology partners around the globe to improve designs, capabilities and security of telematics devices. Combining decades of experience with vehicle electronics, device communications and information technology architecture, Bitflip can offer specialized services to assist with:

  • Hardware design, procurement, and component optimization services with global manufacturing partners
  • Compatibility and integration testing of hardware components to adjust for supply-chain limitations or changing requirements.
  • Platform hardening to implement secure products from design, to development, to data storage
  • Firmware debugging, testing and deployment services
  • Cloud integration, virtual private network (VPN) configuration, and encryption for secure device communication
  • Centralized audit and log storage for diagnostic trending, troubleshooting, and regulatory compliance with custom reports and dashboards