We connect things.

Devices, cars, components, clouds, businesses, people, and ideas.

Bitflip is a boutique team of talented engineers who have joined together with a common vision – helping our customers and partners design, build, and connect end-to-end technology solutions from device to cloud.

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Solving complex challenges from Device to Cloud

We believe in building the right solution design correctly from the beginning – with resulting platforms that are secure, highly scalable, georedundant, modular and flexible, and optimized for power and data consumption – while integrating new ideas into competitive features that carve new markets and accelerate customer profits and expansion.

Consumer Electronics & Industrial Products

Turn your next product vision into a market success with Bitflip’s engineering services. Our team has deep experience and expertise designing and building a range of consumer electronics and industrial products, with a common focus on producing a quality consumer experience that meets your product’s unique cost and pricing requirements.

IT Consulting & Managed Services

Our 24×7 Managed Services team supplements our customers’ internal IT staff, freeing your teams to focus on new development and strategic initiatives. We proactively manage core infrastructure components in any private/public/hybrid cloud model, and offer customized AI-based monitoring that allows degraded and failure conditions to be detected and pinpointed immediately, minimizing customer and end-user impact.

Connected Vehicle Solutions

The concept of vehicle telematics has been evolving since the term was coined the 1970’s, allowing management, tracking and diagnostics of vehicles from on-board devices, eventually connecting to satellite and wireless networks for bi-directional transfer. By connecting vehicles to a central management hub, and to each other, detailed information can be captured for fleet management operations, emergency assistance, or resolving software issues.

Location Services & Asset Tracking

When a company has assets around the globe, knowing the exact location and movements of the assets can save millions of dollars in lost or stolen products, and hours ensuring they reach their intended destination.   While this can be addressed through traditional means of scanning at exit and entry points, increasingly companies want real-time visibility into where their valuable vehicles and cargo are at a given moment.


Security in a connected world is always at risk, whether through targeted spear-phishing or DDoS attacks, or the failure to secure communications or data which allows confidential information to be seen by anyone happening across it. If only one person leaves one door unlocked, an intruder can gain entry to a building. Cybersecurity becomes the job of everyone in an organization, from IT administrators, to developers, to salespeople, and even executives.

Cloud Enablement

It’s no longer a secret, or a question, that companies can benefit greatly by looking to cloud offerings to replace their traditional datacenter and remote office setup.  Whether through the unprecedented computing capabilities of public cloud platforms from industry leaders like Microsoft, Amazon and Google, or preferring the security and stability of a hosted private cloud platform, the world of information technology is moving quickly and not looking back.